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“Marta was born singing.
In her cradle she composed and sang the noises around her
to call upon sleep.

Marta composes to ward off nostalgia
and chase away sadness, hers and others.
She learned how to sing to the soul and the soul learned how to listen.

In her voice sings the wind, sometimes a river laughs
and even the whispers of the earth can be heard.

With her guitar, her voice, and full of will, she keeps composing
the songs around her,
and the voices dictated by absences, to lull the silence”

Nicolás Buenaventura Vidal
Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Storyteller

Premios & Conciertos Destacados


2009 Charts de World Music Europa top ten album “Musiquita”
2006 Boston Phoenix “Mejor acto nacional de world music”
2006 Charts de World Music Europa top ten album “Entre Cada Palabra”
2005 Premios Billboard de la música Latina – Latin Jazz. Best artist nominee.
2005 Charts de World Music Europa top ten album “Cantos de agua dulce”
2005 “Fiesta Jazz” Melbourne, Australia – Bests Non-Instrumental Latin Jazz Album “Cantos de agua dulce”
2005 Charts de World Music Europa top ten album “Cantos de agua dulce”
2004 Putumayo World Music -“Canta” del CD “Cantos de Agua Dulce” Best 10 songs 2004
2004 Concurso “Just Plain Folks” – Mejor canción latina “Tú”
2003 The Boston Globe – “Solo es Vivir” One of the best 10 albums of the year.
2003 Concurso Blink (Cambridge,MA) – Best pop song: “Tú”
2002 Concurso SIBL Project (San Francisco) – Best song inspired by a Latinamerican author.  “Paula Ausente”  based on the book “Paula” by Isabel Allende.
2000 Alex Ulanowski – Composer Award (Boston) – Canción “Confesión”
2000 Beca Best Achievement (Berklee College of Music,Boston)
1996 Concurso Ramón Antigua (Bogotá, Colombia) – First Place
1993 Festival Luna De Plata (Bogotá, Colombia) – First Place, best group and best original song “Solo” .
1992 Festival de Calatrava (Cali, Colombia) – First Place, duet with Ximena Vega.


2010 Zappa Jazz Club. Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 (& 2007) United Nation’s celebration of the World Refugee Day at The Kennedy Center. Washington, US
2010 (since 2004) Joes Pub Public theater. New York City, US
2009 The Grammy Museum. Los Angeles, CA
2009 Rochester International Jazz Festival. Rochester, US
2009 The Chicago World Music Festival. Chicago, US
2009 CBC Earth Day celebration “Seven Continents, One earth” at the Corona Theater. Montral, Canada
2009 Levitt Shell. Memphis, Tenessy
2009 Fundacion Canal Isabel II Madrid, Spain
2009 Teatro de Arrecife in Lanzarote – Canary Islands, Spain
2009 Teatro Leal de la Laguna. Tenerife, Spain (March 09)
2009 Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
2009 Palacio Revillagigedos. Gijón, Asturias, Spain
2009 Moods jazz club. Zurich, Switzerland.
2009 Nefertiti jazz club. Gothenburg, Sweden
2009 Dunkers Kulturhus auditorium. Helsingborg, Sweden
2009 The Barnasants Festival of the song at the Sala Luz de Gas. Barcelona, Spain
2009 Bee Flat jazz club. Bern, Switzerland
2009 Tropentheater. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009 Wereld Cultuur Centrum Zuiderpershuis auditorium. Amberes, Belgium
2009 Handelsbeurs auditorium. Gante, Belgium
2009 Mercat de musica de VIC festival. VIC, Spain
2009 (since 2004) The Blue Note. New York City, US
2008 Detroit Festival of the Arts. Detroit, US
2008 Museo del Barrio “Women on the verge Summer series” . New York City, US
2008 Festival Cali-Cuento, Cali-Canto. Barcelona, Spain
2007 Smithsonians Institute , Washington DC
2007 (since 2005) National Hispanic Cultural Center. Albuquerque, NM
2007 Teatro de la ciudad. Mexico City, Mexico
2007 Birdland Jazz Club. New York City, US
2007 (& 2006) The Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club. Miami, FL
2007 Teatro San Martin, Tucuman, Argentina
2006 Musiques du monde Festival. Montral, Canada
2006 Festival de Cosquín. Cordoba, Argentina
2006 Martinus Hall. Vantaa, Finland
2006 X Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro. Bogotá, Colombia
2005 The Getty Museum. Los Angeles, CA
2005 Berklee Peformance Center. Boston, MA
2005 (& 2004) NJPAC Summer Festival New Jersey, US
2005 Lincoln Center’s Summer Festival. New York City, US
2005 The SXSW Music convention. Austin, Texas
2004 Symphony Space with the putumayo music concert “Women from latin America”. New York City, US
2003 The Orpheum Theater (opening for Bonnie Raitt and John Mayer). Boston, MA
2003 Berklee Performance Center (opening for Mercedes Sosa). Boston, MA

"...Una historia, un lugar perdido y esta canción."


Graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Berklee College of Music, after receiving the Best Achievement Scholarship, Marta Gómez has developed an extensive music career which has placed her as one of the most interesting singer songwriters on the world music scene today.
Marta and her group perform a repertoire of original compositions based on a vast amount of rhythms from Latin America. On her songs, Marta mixes the joy of the Caribbean with the nostalgia of the Andes adding jazz and pop elements, taking the authenticity of South American indigenous folk music into a new realm.

With more than 80 composed songs, This young singer-songwriter not only traverses a whole range of Colombian cumbias and bambucos, Argentine zambas, chilean cuecas, Bolivian carnavalitos and Peruvian festejos but she also writes the kind of melodies and refrains that translates across any language barrier. That may be the reason that lead Marta to share the stage with musicians of different genres such as Bonnie Raitt , John Mayer, Totó la Momposina and Mercedes Sosa.
Marta was also chosen to record Kris Kristofferson’s “The Circle” on a tribute to this great American icon. Marta “lifted that song up to when it’s supposed to be, to where it belongs” according to Kristofferson’s own words. American writer John Sandford made a reference to that version of “The circle” on his novel “Dark of the moon” (2007).

In March 2003, Marta’s song “Paula Ausente” based on the book “Paula” by Isabel Allende, won the The SIBL Project International songwriting contest as the best song inspired by a South American book. The song was included on a CD among others by artists such as Tom Waits and David Bowie. “Paula Ausente” was also included on the Putumayo Compilation “Women of the world: Acustic”(2007) and on the soundtrack of the HBO Latin America’s series “Capadocia”. Her song “La Ronda” was also included on the Putumayo compilation “Women of Latin America” (2004) and in 2005 Marta was chosen by “Fucsia”, a Colombian magazine as one of the 5 Most representative women of her country.

With six albums under her belt, her self-released “Solo es vivir” was chosen by The Boston Globe as one of the 10 best albums of 2003 and her “Cantos de Agua Dulce” (2004 Chesky Records), was nominated for the Billboard Latin Music Awards as best Latin Jazz Album among Paco de Lucia’s, Nestor Torres’ and Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s. Her album “Entre Cada Palabra” (2005 chesky records) placed Marta Gómez as “The Best National World-Music Act of 2006” by the Boston Phoenix.
Her fifth album “Musiquita” (2009 Aluna Records) was once again placed at the top of the European World Music Charts for several weeks. Marta and her group perform regularly in the US, Europe, Israel and South America with great acceptance by audiences of all origins. Marta also tours regularly with Israelian beloved musician Idan Raichel.

On her sixth production “El corazón y el sombrero” (The heart and the hat) (2011 Aluna Records), she pays a tribute to Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, adding Latin American folkloric rhythms to 12 of his poems. On this album, Marta had the fortune of having singer-songriter Javier Ruibal as her guest for one piece. To promote this new work, the group has traveled to Israel (Zappa Jazz Club), Colombia (Festival de músicas de Cartagena), Ecuador (Teatro Sucre), Spain (Festival Barnasants & La mar de músicas de Murcia) and South Africa (KKNK Festival).

Marta is nourished by the everyday stories, and from this nostalgia, songs emerge with a deep social and human content. In an interview on the National Public Radio, journalist Steve Inskeep said he admires Marta’s capacity of “turning the bitter history of her native country into sweet music”.