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"Marta compone para conjurar la nostalgia y espantar las tristezas, las suyas y las ajenas. Aprendió a cantarle al alma y el alma aprendió a oírla". Nicolas Buenaventura

Marta Gomez

Marta Gomez is a Colombian singer-songwriter whose work opens up a new kind of musical offering that delightfully embraces different colors and tones emanating from her guitar. Her new proposal, both musically and lyrically, is a beautiful blend of jazz and Latin-American folk rhythms. The sensibility in her songs comes from a long-time influence of other recognized singing muses such as Violeta Parra, Mercedes Sosa, Carol King, Chavela Vargas, Chabuca Granda, and Liuba María Hevia, among many others.  

Her first encounter with music was at age 4, when she joined one of the most renowned choirs in Cali, Colombia. The choir was from her school, the Liceo Benalcazar, and was led by her mentor and guide, Florencia Rengifo. At 17, Marta formed her own band in Bogota, Colombia called Eiti Leda and was also part of another musical group called Sexto Sentido (Sixth Sense), this time led by Julio Reyes Copello. From here, and thanks to her immense talent, Marta joined Berklee’s  College of music in Boston and graduated with honors. Circa 2011, Marta got her master’s degree in creative writing from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.  

Today, after 20 years, her work has helped position Marta as one of the most featured artists within the international independent musical scene, after composing over 180 songs, recording 21 albums, wining a Latin Grammy in 2014, and many more nominations to this prestigious award.  She was nominated for the Billboard awards in 2005 and was included in various albums from the prestigious World Putumayo Record label. Thanks to her finesse and clarity when composing, Marta Gomez has won international recognition from the SIBL Project, (USA), and her song Paula Ausente was chosen as best composition inspired by a Latin American song writer.  

Her discography focuses on the worries from a world affected by so many social issues that have become realities to many populations. Her posture is clear and strong on these social issues as was shown in her international campaign Para la Guerra nada (For war, Nothing at all) a musical project that invited many international artists to sing against war and to embrace life with their songs.  



Katie James y Marta Gómez en el Cafe Berlín en Madrid

Café Berlín
4 julio, 2024

Madrid, España

Felices de anunciar nuestro concierto en el Cafe Berlin de Madrid
Julio 4 , 2024
20:00 horas

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MUSEG – Festival de Música de Segovia

Lagunas de Cantalejo
3 agosto, 2024

Este verano en Segovia, haciendo parte del importante MUSEG (Festival de Música de Segovia)

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La Ceja-Colombia

Concierto en La Ceja, Antioquia

Teatro Juan Dios de Aranzazu
3 octubre, 2024


Un concierto muy especial como parte de la gira por Colombia!

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Lanzamiento de “Seré Guitarra” en Bogotá

Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingo
20 octubre, 2024

Felices de Volver al Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingo. esta vez al lanzamiento de nuestro nuevo álbum “Seré Guitarra”.

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